Fashion and Faith Ministries




Libby's is much more than clothing! While we do love all things fashion, we have a much bigger vision! Our goal is to financially help those who are less fortunate. God has told us to be generous to the poor, and we are more than happy to step up to the call.

We have a daily live sale at 12:30 called "Live w/Lib at Lunch" where we give part of our proceeds to a different need weekly. Some of the needs we have been able to meet:

  • Purchased a car for an elderly woman
  • Donated to our local no-kill shelter
  • Donated funds to Cricket Alley Ministries which serves at-risk women in Wichita, KS
  • Donated funds to send multiple youth to church camp
  • Donated funds to help our new children's minister get the materials he needs
  • Sponsored a dog who needed spayed and shots
  • Donated funds to a family who is adopting a disabled teenager from overseas
  • Donated funds to help a local girl pay for her heart surgery
  • Donated supplies to a family who lost their home in a house fire
  • Donated funds to "And Then There Was None-Prolife Outreach" to help a mother prepare for her new baby
  • Donated funds to local teachers so they could purchase new books for their students monthly

In addition to our lunch live sales, we also have a monthly birthday box that sponsors our birthday parties for the residents of our local crisis center. We have a cake and presents for anyone at the shelter that has had a birthday each month. We believe everyone should be celebrated, and we love getting to shower them with attention and make them feel important! 

When you shop with Libby's, you fashionably make a difference! Thank you for partnering with us so we can show the world the love of Jesus! 


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Looking forward to hearing from you,


Paige and Libby