We're Headed To The Dallas Market Center

Guess who’s headed to market this week!!  Libby’s Boutique!  We always look forward to it!  I guess you can imagine how fun it must be to stroll through booth after booth with the latest apparel for the upcoming season!  Actually it’s quite overwhelming because we want to buy it all!  

It’s pretty apparent already what some of the trends are going to be for Spring and Summer 2017.   Cold shoulder is trending big time and so it off the shoulder.  The crisscross front and the choker tops and dresses are also very popular.  The kimono is back again this year, and floral is anywhere and everywhere!  So, as a boutique owner who is 56 years old, how will I incorporate these trends into my boutique? 

I do believe that age is just a number when it comes to what we wear; however, I do think it needs to be tasteful and appropriate.  For example, the cold shoulder top!  It’s really just a sleeveless top with a partial sleeve! Haha!  Seriously, when these first started showing up on all my wholesale sites, I shied away from them because I thought they looked flirty and such, but the more I thought about it, I realized if you wear sleeveless tops and dresses, then why not!! 

Now the off the shoulder top is another story!  I do LOVE the look and wish I were younger again, but I also think this is a style that is very much designed for a younger age group.  (maybe early 40’s and younger)  So that being said, I most likely will not be carrying a lot of off the shoulder.   And they really aren’t very practical either because ladies aren’t going to wear them to work or church or many other places for the matter. They will strictly be for weekend fun or vacay!

The crisscross pattern and the choker design are displayed everywhere!  You will find them in nearly every retail clothing store.  I happen to like them both.  They add pizzazz to your tops and dresses, and they are very attractive necklines.  I will carry both of these items in the boutiques for spring and summer.  The crisscross will be the most popular because more age groups will like them and feel like they can wear them.  The choker top is super cute too and will be well received by the younger age ladies who shop at my boutique!

Kimonos! Cardigans!  Whatever you want to call them, they provide so much versatility to your wardrobe.  Many many ladies don’t like to show their arms!  I don’t either!  These are perfect.  We can still wear those sleeveless tops and dresses that are so adorable, and then add a kimono which does the trick!  I have already seen soooo many cute new ones ready to hit the boutiques this spring!  Oh, wait!  I already have them in stock at Libby’s now!

You like floral?  I sure hope so because floral is the hottest trend going!   I love floral so Libby’s will have many floral tops and dresses on display!  Floral can be worn very casual or very dressy which gives you more bang for your buck!  I do hear ladies say they don’t like flowers, but I always suggest they give it a try!  Many times they end up loving it! 

I’m sure there will be other things we run across at market that we can’t live without!  And, we sure hope you will follow us while we are there, Jan 26-28.  We will post pictures on Facebook and Instagram and let you, our favorite people, weigh in and give us your input!  

We are more excited in 2017 than ever before.  We have 2 boutiques and a website, and we want to make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience with us every time!  We’ll see you at the Dallas Market!



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