55 Years And How Life Has Unfolded For Me

I find it mind boggling to look back on my life of 55 years and how it has unfolded for me.  I feel very very fortunate that God has chosen me to experience such a good life, not one without disappointments and heartaches, but overall blessed beyond measure.  I can remember when I was in high school and I told my dad I wanted to be a cosmetologist.  Right or wrong, he quickly told me he really wanted me to be a teacher and then commenced to tell me all the reasons why.  Still to this day, I have always wanted to be a stylist, but God gives you parents for a reason, and he was absolutely on track.  I was a school teacher for 31 years.

I taught junior high students all 31 years and loved them!  It was a great job and allowed me to spend every summer with my own children.  When I retired from teaching, I had my own plans for what I wanted to do.  However, God had a different plan; and oh what a plan it has been!  This brings me to Libby's Boutique.

I will admit, I was always a shopaholic, but never did it cross my mind to own my own clothing store.  NEVER!  And then one day, a relative planted a seed, and the rest is history.  I opened Libby's Boutique inside Head2Toes Salon in Neodesha Kansas in October of 2014. Small town America!   Not having a clue what I was doing, I just started.  I had just a small area, which at the time seemed huge, but quickly it expanded into a larger area.  Success was good from the beginning.  I can't take all the credit because when you are in a salon where women get their hair or nails done, it's an obvious stroll over to the boutique while you are waiting or processing.  But nevertheless, business was good and ladies were supportive.  And it was FUN!! 

libbys boutique neodesha kansas store front


In August of 2015, I decided to sell online at libbysboutique.net. That has brought a host of success, frustrations, long hours, and constantly trying to market your website in a very competitive world where there are many other boutiques online as well. However, we continue to strive to bring ladies an appealing website with great prices and free shipping!  

And then as if I didn't already have enough on my plate, Libby's opened another location in Independence Kansas. Eeek, such a big decision that we pondered for a year, but we feel very good about it and business is booming!  It's so nice to be able to offer these small towns a boutique that is trendy and affordable! Our slogan is "bringin the city to the country."


So what about this plan God orchestrated for me?  It's much more than just a boutique.  We are committed to furthering God's Kingdom here on earth by helping out those in need.  This stretches from our local communities to all over the globe. Yes, Libby's Boutique cannot do it all, but we can do something and that is our mission.  Considering that I do love fashion, I can't think of a better combination than to work at a job I love and give back to a God who is responsible for its success from the beginning! 

Please enjoy some images of Libby's Boutique over the years. 


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