Self Confidence is the Best Outfit! Rock it! Own it!


But I could never pull that off! Ever said that before? Ever heard that before? It's one of the most common sayings I hear as a boutique owner. And even though I want to tell them you can wear this too, it has to come from within. You must feel confident in what you wear! If you purchase something and never wear it, you are most likely not going to shop there anymore! That is not what I want to happen at Libby's Boutique! That is why we offer suggestions and give our opinions, but ultimately, YOU have to love it! 


I've always been a clothes hound! Love to shop! And now that I'm a boutique owner, I have all these clothes at my disposal. Problematic to say the least! But it's now my job to wear these in a way that others want to as well! It's my job to offer ways to style clothes so that we feel age appropriate but trendy at the same time! And my favorite accessory to any outfit is a denim jacket!  No matter how many dumbells I lift, gravity WINS! And even though I absolutely hate the fact that my arms do not look like they used it, I have embraced it as reality and I'm not going to let it stop me from wearing these cute spring and summer clothes! The little black dress pictured is so flattering and so versatile. When we saw it at market, I loved it. And immediately I knew a jean jacket would be the ticket for me to wear this dress with confidence! Look how both of us can wear this dress, and it looks so age appropriate!  This dress is going to be appealing to all ages! 


I hear ya! I'm not a big fan of it either! I just don't find too much practicality in it. Yes, the younger crowd loves it, but can they wear it to work? No! It's strictly a special occasion type of style or weekend wear. But, it's taking the market by storm again in 2018, so I have to find a way to make it work. I will admit, I do not buy a lot of it because it really doesn't sell that well for me. However, there are a lot of "off the shoulder" items that can be worn "on the shoulder" and still look very fashionable. This lightweight oatmeal sweater is one that my daughter wore off one shoulder and it was showstoppin cute! But for me, I'm probably not going to do that so I styled it right at my shoulders. It is even cute worn as a cowl neck too. Super cute stylish top and very age appropriate for us gals! And like I said at the beginning, if you feel confident in baring those shoulders, absolutely do so! Confidence is silent! Insecurities are loud! BE YOU!


There's just something about colored jeans that I love. Yes, I wear colored denim in the fall like mustard and burgundy and those are great too! But those SPRINGTIME colors just get me! You don't have to be super dressed up to look so incredibly stylish in colored jeans. And they are flattering if worn correctly. The red denim I am sporting with a tropical floral top is shorter in the front which adds a nice waistline, but it's longer in the back which all women love! Definitely a great outfit to wear to work, on the weekend, or vacay! The royal blue denim I styled with a long bohemian blouse. Look how flattering those jeans are! Look how small they make your legs look because it's styled with a blouse that covers the largest part of our legs. DO NOT go into the dressing room and try on skinny denim without pairing it with something that flatters you! NO ONE looks good in the dressing room, up close and personal in that mirror, with a pair of skinny denim! Come out and view yourself in a bigger mirror rockin the entire look. 


 The million dollar question every morning is what outfit can I wear today that is adorable, fun, stylish, BUT comfortable as well. The simple babydoll dresses always work. At market, my daughter just loved this. Of course she did, she's 29 and anything babydoll looks good on her! So of course, my mind begins to race as to whether I can pull this look off. And so here it is! The sleeve length is nice so I don't have to wear anything over it. It's a little short for me so I chose to add leggings! It's still pretty chilly where I live, and we will have some very cool days for the next couple months, but I am not waiting to wear this until May. So as you can see below, I added the old school look with a navy cardigan and VIOLA, I was comfortable all day long and got sooooo many compliments on my outfit. Actually the most common thing I heard was, "You look cute today!" HMMM, what about yesterday? haha!



Amen to that! Hands down my favorite jeans! And yes, I love them distressed out the wazoo! I know they aren't work appropriate unless you are a boutique owner! HAHA!! But I tell ya, women come out of the woodwork to buy these things! Why? Because they are so comfortable and so stinkin cute! Like, I have to be careful that I don't wear mine too much! I'm always taking pictures so I guess I shouldn't have boyfriend jeans on in every picture. We have another style of boyfriend jeans online that are just slightly distressed and those sold really well too. You can find boyfriend jeans without the holes, but I'm going to be honest, they just aren't as fun! I reordered these the minute they arrived on my doorstep! I've been a boutique owner long enough to know what is going to blow out and these did not disappoint! Give em a try! They make a great weekend outfit. Heck, add some wedges or even a pump and really dress them up! I have a new blazer coming in, and I cannot wait to add some heels, a tee shirt, and my blazer to these boyfriend jeans! Can't picture it? You'll love the look! I'll be sure and post a picture as soon as it arrives! In the meantime, if you have a blazer hanging in your closet, grab a simple tee shirt, your boyfriend jeans, some pumps and see how many people compliment your outfit! You can thank me later! 


When we go to market, I am always looking for cute kimonos and cardigans. We sell them so well and so fast! And the reason is not only do they add so much style and fashion to any outfit, they are useful! Surely you've noticed how cold it is in the mall, restaurants, Wal Mart, office buildings, etc! It doesn't matter if it's mid July, I'm going to have something with me to throw on if it's chilly. And of course, it's another alternative for sleeveless apparel. I can tell you, regardless of the age, most women do not want to go sleeveless. We have some sort of "thing" about our arms. Many women feel their arms are too large to go sleeveless so kimonos and cardigans offer them a great alternative so they can feel good and look good! And like I said above, as we age, things just don't look quite the same so kimonos, cardigans, and jean jackets are a MUST have and lots of them! You can opt for floral, lace, or solids. It's a matter of personal preference. You know all those basic solid colored dresses that are so popular for spring and summer! Add a kimono and you've taken the outfit from casual to dressy thus stretching your wardrobe. 



Like for real! Do you know how many things I could not wear if leggings weren't available? The dresses/tunics that the younger gals wear without leggings are perfectly suitable for me when I add leggings! We offer full length leggings as well as cropped! Basically, I wear them year round if I'm wearing a dress! My legs are small, but there again, they just aren't as "pretty" as they used to be. If you are my age, you know exactly what I'm talking about! If you are younger and reading this, you will totally get it someday. As odd as it seems to me, I still have ladies who come to the boutique who have never worn leggings? I'm like, let me change your world for you! And, as a matter of fact, we have done just that! A lot of times women want to wear them but don't think they "can." So, it's our job to put together an outfit for them that includes leggings and let them see that yes, I can do this legging thing! Love when that happens! And when they come back and buy every color we offer! And also, wear those leggings as athleisure wear! Add a long sweatshirt and be comfy all day long!

And what about this darling dress Paige is wearing? Yes, Libby is going to wear it as well! But what am I going to add to this to make it doable for me? I bet you can already tell me! Yep, a lace cardigan and some cream or taupe leggings. DO NOT let the style define you! YOU DEFINE IT!



Goodness, probably the trendiest thing going right now are rompers/jumpsuits! Now, I realize you really have to be comfortable in your own skin to wear one. And yes I am. Actually, I would love to have bought more of these, but I know that many women just aren't there yet. And a lot of the rompers are revealing up top and in the back. That is why I purchased this one. I don't know if you could find a cuter romper? I mean this is what it looks like on? It doesn't just look this way on me? It can look this way on you too! Wake up, do your make up, add some cute jewelry, sport some darling heels, and wear this outfit! If you try it on at night after you've taken your make up off, your bra off, and your hair is still wet from the shower, then no, you are probably not going to like it. Give the outfit a chance by doing it up right! Then if you aren't comfortable, don't wear it! Just had a girl in the other day that bought it for vacation! Yikes, what a brilliant idea. It's adorable and it's comfortable and it's dressy if you need it to be! Back to the part about the rompers being know I have an answer for that! Take a look below at the exact same romper! ALWAYS THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 


And why do I spend 3 hours writing a blog? Why do I work tirelessly on our website? Why do I burn the candle at both ends making sure our brick and mortar store is always top notch? Because we feel called to help orphans find their forever family. We take God's Word seriously when He tells us to take care of the orphans and the widows. On a daily basis we are looking for families to unite! We offer grants to families actively adopting orphans through Fashion and Faith Ministries which is also right here on our website. I already have a grandson whose life was forever changed for the better! And we do all of this through the sales of Libby's Boutique!  Isn't she beautiful? All the way from Poland! We are in the process of adopting her! We are hoping and praying everything goes off without a hitch! She will fit right in with my two girls! Always taking selfies! 

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read our blog! 

May God bless you and bless you richly,


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