Mustard: More Than A Condiment!

"I love the color mustard, but it just doesn't look good with my complexion!"
Oh, what a familiar comment we hear in the boutique! And yes, this can often be true, but sometimes when paired with other colors, it can look totally different! There are multiple shades we call "mustard" from the color on our hot dogs to a darker shade, almost camel. So it's just important to try it on and then make a decision. Actually mustard is an easy color to pair with other colors! It looks good with navy(my favorite), black, charcoal, grey, cream, burgundy, white, and patterns as well.
Whether you are one who loves the color mustard in all shades or one who is hesitant to wear it, let's consider some options:
1. Mustard Tops-If you think mustard doesn't look good around your face, it's an easy fix! In the winter, add a blanket scarf that has colors you love. This takes the focus off the gold color and allows the colors of the scarf to complement your face. In the spring, add a small neck scarf and dress up your outfit!
2. Mustard Blazers and Cardigans-Doesn't get much sharper than this! Add a mock neck, turtleneck, or cami in black, charcoal or navy and have created a very stylish look all the while wearing mustard. Wearing the darker colors allows you to get by with wearing a bold statement jacket.
3. Mustard Pants-So popular year round! In the fall/winter, the color is a darker gold, and in the spring, much brighter! Every girl can wear these because they don't frame the face. One of my favorite looks for spring is a darker top and some bright mustard pants! So business casual!
4. Mustard Accessories-What a great way to incorporate mustard into your wardrobe! In my opinion, one of the cutest outfits is to wear black or navy, and then incorporate mustard shoes and purse! Definitely turning heads with this!
5. Mustard and Patterns-Love this combination! Pair mustard with houndstooth, argyle, and plaids. Classic!
Suggestion! Don't rule out the color MUSTARD! Yes, it may not be for you, but give it a try, especially since there are so many different shades. Countless times in the boutique women end up loving the outfit! Sometimes it just take a small adjustment to make the color work for you. 
And since this boutique boss is already ordering for spring, I know the color mustard is going to be trendy as ever. It is a color option on many styles we have looked at. And since this girl is a "mustard lovin" gal, you will find plenty of it in store and online! 
Give us some feedback on your thoughts of this color! Send us pics of the way you style mustard best! We are always eager to hear and learn from others!
Thanks for reading our blog! 
Libby's Boutique

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