The Birthday Box: Blessed To Be A Blessing

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Yep, it’s a song that is sung every day to someone! It’s a day to celebrate! It’s a day for fun! It’s the day God planned for you to be born even before your parents were born! Wrap your brain around that idea! That’s how special we are to God! He has a plan and a purpose for our life! In John 10:10, Jesus tells us He wants us to have life and have it more abundantly! Not just a mediocre life but an awesome life!  Yes, your birthday has significance! Libby’s believes no one should ever have a birthday without a celebration! This is why we created the birthday box!

The birthday box is an adorable package filled with all things girly. Each month the box has five or six different items that any girl would love! The colors change from month-to-month, and we try to stay with a theme appropriate for that month. For example, February‘s box was pink and red. Everything in the box color coordinates so when that someone special opens the box, it’s this awesome display of fun items that blend well together! Sure to put a smile on her face!

 There will always be a “Birthday Girl” tee in the box. The tee shirt will have a symbol on it that goes with the Month. January had a sparkly firework for the New Year, February had a heart, March has a shamrock, and April will have a cross. Speaking of April, we will be releasing the April box this week! If you know someone special that has an April birthday, you will love our box! 
So what’s the purpose behind the box and what are the funds generated from the box used for? For nearly 2 years, Libby’s has visited Hannah’s House once a month. Hannah’s House is our local crisis center designed to help men and women suffering from addictions. Often times the residents who are living there have little to no family ties. And they certainly don’t have anyone who is going to celebrate their birthday. That’s where we have concentrated our efforts! Each month the director of the house send us the wishlists of those who have birthdays that month. We do our best to fulfill those wishes as well as provide a birthday cake with their name on it! No matter how young or old we are, it’s always special to see our name on the cake! We have heard story after story from the recipients expressing their appreciation because it’s been so long since they have celebrated a birthday. Just recently, one of the birthday girls said it had been 9 years since she had celebrated her birthday! This is why we do what we do! We want them to know they have value and worth, and their birthday was not a mistake! This is why the birthday box makes such a difference!
We just started the birthday box in January! The response has been overwhelming! Ladies are loving it! We have heard so many compliments from our customers on what a neat idea it is, and they love the mission behind it.(Little side note here...inside every birthday box is a postcard with the mission typed on the back.) That way anyone who receives the box is not only thrilled with the contents, but they are now aware of the mission it serves. Because we have sold so many birthday boxes since January, we are now able to extend our birthday celebrations elsewhere! Y’all ready for this? It’s epic!
Starting in April, we are going to pick one lucky lady to spoil on her birthday! A trip to her favorite stylist, a manicure or pedicure, a new outfit from Libby’s, and a birthday cake to celebrate her day! How will we choose this person? That’s where our loyal fans and customers come in the picture! We will ask you to send us an email to: with a suggestion of who might be a good candidate? It could be for reasons such as a single mom who has several children and struggles to get by. Or maybe someone who is always doing for others. Maybe someone who just needs a good “pick me up.” All suggestions will be read and considered. 
We feel the birthday box has far reaching potential! It has been a huge fan fave, and we are just getting started. You can always find the box on our website under “Birthday in a Box.” Or click right here to snag one of our last March birthday boxes!
All the individual contents of the box will be available to see. Just pick the size tee shirt you need! They come Small through 2X. Need it shipped, no problem! There’s a place right there where you can write them a note, we will take that information and write it on a card and slip it in the box! When they receive it in the mail, they’ll know it was from YOU! Want to purchase in store? No problem! They are on display for all to see!
So who do you know that has a birthday in March or April that would love the birthday box!? You can hop online right now and see the March birthday box, and we will be launching April later this week!
Thanks so much for reading our blog!
May God bless you and bless you richly,



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