A ship is always safe at shore, but that's not what it's built for

"A ship is always safe at shore, but that's not what it's built for." Albert Einstein. This is how I feel about our adoption journey.  Our life would be so much easier if we weren't adopting. We now have an empty nest so we come and go as we please and do whatever we feel like when we feel like it.  It's kinda nice.... BUT, that's not what we were built for. We were designed for so much more. We were designed by a God who has a purpose for us, for all of us. This life is not about my happiness or what's convenient for me, but more about reaching out to whoever needs me. That would be her! ( I refrain from using her name until the process is finished).

So, let me update you on how things are going!  We sent in our home study which is the first really big step. I can tell you I was not excited about filling out all the paperwork, tracking down all the documents, finding out information on family members we don't even know lol, and just a gazillion other things like background checks, finger printing, education classes, etc.  But you know what...just like that it was all done!! There were times I was questioning my sanity, but it's pretty easy to get back on track when you know there is a child waiting for you who has NO PARENTS!!  A child who desperately longs for a family and the chance to go to college. Yea, filling out all that paperwork was really not an inconvenience at all. 

We received our passports this week as well. That means we can travel!  When do we travel? NO CLUE!  You travel when they say it's time. But there is much work to be done before we are even close to traveling so it will most likely be late spring early summer we hope.  That would be ideal for us since my husband is a school teacher (bahahaha, I retired from that rat race) JK, I loved it!  Middle Schoolers were the best!  

So what's next?  I am in the process of filling out our letter of intent and sending it to our adoption agency. This is when it gets real because that letter goes to Poland! Then we begin working on our dossier which is the big kahuna!  I will let you know how that is coming in my next blog!  

We are very fortunate that we get to talk to her everyday! Today, she messaged me and said, "I'm scared! Russia is threatening war on my country."  As an adult, I would be frightened too, but can you imagine a child with no support system to assure her she will be okay.  We are coming for you and one day it will be okay!  

Thanks for reading my blog and taking interest in our adoption journey. It's going to be a great story to follow! Hoping Summer of 2018 it will all be over! 

God bless you and bless you richly,


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